Bobcat Lane

About Bobcat Lane.


A 4-bedroom retreat with a pool on a 1-acre lot. This remodel needed a massive makeover! We went from siding that was outdated and failing to a fresh new look with stucco, as well as changing the roof lines to create a Santa Fe style house. We renovated the kitchen, living room, fireplace, drywall, flooring, new tile throughout, new paint, and carpeting. We also added central air and a master bedroom with a walk-in shower. Start to finish: 3 months.

Whether you're looking to renovate, remodel, add square footage, or build a new home, we understand that your time, space, and money is very valuable to you. At ATLAS we work with you to get you the best possible product within your budget. Each job has an expert project manager responsible for keeping your project on the set timefame and within budget. We also pride ourselves on making sure the jobsite is clean and well organized. ATLAS has built up many great relationships over the years with subcontractors, tradesman, inspectors, and suppliers to ensure your project runs smoothly.

We suggest you contact us early in your project planning so we can help you make some of your critical decisions. We can assist you through design, planning, permits, and final inspection. Our team is great at problem solving as issues come up during remodels and new construction.

We encourage you to contact us so we can help answer any questions and visit with you to give you a FREE ESTIMATE. We would love to assist you through your building process.

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